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"For me, the association is a breath of fresh air, knowing that there is someone listening to me, someone who understands what I'm going through, who supports me without judging me, that matters a lot when going through difficult times.


It is also a group of passionate and committed human beings who struggle to help us find solutions, to move forward, despite the few means currently available to it. Almost a miracle worker!


Ideally, the association should be able to benefit from more (financial) resources to be able to be even more effective and this could come from France since the mission is to help French expats, but who remain French (es) despite everything, even if they are far from home and isolated.

Being an expat makes you feel a bit isolated! "

"The association has helped me a lot for several reasons: we are no longer alone in a foreign country, we have a lot of mental and emotional support for the research of lawyers on immigration. I feel more reassured to have the association always has to listen to it. Without the association I would have gone back to France "

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