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High Fives

Created in 2020 by the french Consul of France Alexis Andres and Jean-Francois Bonnete, SOS French In Texas is dedicated to helping French citizens going through dramatic life-threatening situation who reside in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, along with their immediate families and dependents.


Our team is made of volunteers whose primary motivation is to provide unconditional support and compassionate assistance to whomever may request our intervention, in a spirit of solidarity shared by all members. Confidentiality, active and benevolent listening, respect for the beliefs of those who contact the association: all of SOSFIT volunteers abide by the highest ethical rules.


We offer the opportunity to capture in words the suffering of each person, as well as the ability to take any needed step in order to implement solutions, as necessary stages leading to a renewed taste for life.


Whatever the reasons leading to contacting us -loneliness, physical or moral pain, domestic violence, financial difficulties, illness, etc.- we offer a caring ear but also a strong shoulder to lean on. We work in close cooperation with a network of skilled professionals notably in the legal and medical fields, as well as with other local organizations.


All the actors of our district (individuals, businesses, associations, organizations) are critical to perpetuation of the social, family and economic well-being of our community.


  • Nathalie Bonneté, President

  • Nathalie Paquier, Vice President

  • Beatrice Germaine, Secretary

  • Luc Schlumberger, Treasurer

Board of directors

  • Mr the Consul General of France in Houston

  • Sabine Bonnay-Douellou

  • Nathalie Paquier

  • Mireille Chavanne

  • Nathalie Bonnete

  • Olivier Le Coz

  • Luc Schlumberger

  • Andree Smith

and its many volunteers!

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