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SOS French in Texas is incorporated as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) making your donations tax deductible.  

Thanks to your donations, we can pay different costs to support an individual in difficulty. Here are some examples: transport, care, food, legal consultation, communication etc ...


Thanks to the support of the "July 14" Organizing Committee for each donation made, the association will give you a prize below depending on the amount of the donation made within the limits of available stocks.

"As the health situation has not made it possible to carry out the gourmet and solidarity rally project, the organizers of this one have decided to give the SOS French in Texas association the prizes already constituted for the rally. You will therefore be doing a double act of solidarity by participating in this fundraiser: with regard to our restaurateurs and importers of French products and with regard to our compatriots to whom the association will be able to help." Alexis Andres, Consul General

Consulate General of France in Houston.

Please choose an amount below (the quantities of the lots are indicated below) and add it to the basket. Paypal payment option available only.

Instructions for picking up the lot will be sent to you separately (Lots located in Houston). PLEASE READ: You will see at Checkout - "Free Shipping" because the lots are for COLLECTION only - But there will be no shipping.  

or simply give:

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